Come home to a flooded house and need flood remediation? Emergency water clean up Seattle

We know the unexpected surprise of soaked carpet, furniture, and other belongings isn’t a welcome one. Unfortunately, there are many ways that this can happen. Pipes could have burst somewhere in the house. There could have been a heavy rainstorm or flash flood. Or maybe you left the tub going and it overflowed. Whatever the reason, when you need help fast, call ServiceMaster by ASI for emergency water clean up in Seattle.

We’ll save what we can

Even if your entire house seems submerged under water, that doesn’t mean that all of your belongings are lost. Many items that seem like they’re ruined can be repaired, and we’re able to help with many of those ourselves. Many types of furniture, cabinets, drywall, and personal items can be restored, and we’ll work with both you and your insurance company to minimize the costs for both you.

We know water damage is a major inconvenience!

When you need help with emergency water damage, you don’t have to wait! Whether it’s in the middle of the business week or 3 AM on Sunday morning, give us a call and we’ll answer. We’re available every day of the year and never close because we know that waiting will only cause more damage. Give us a call anytime you need help, and we’ll get there as quick as we can!


Our water damage restoration process is comprehensive

When you call us up for help, we don’t delay! We start the removal process immediately, using our signature 4-step water restoration process that includes:

  1. Water mitigation SeattleResponse. Water damage can’t wait! As soon as you call, we send someone out immediately to meet you at your home and begin the water removal process.
  2. Removal. With our specialized equipment, we quickly remove any standing water from your home and stop any leaks at the source. Then we use our industrial dryers to dry your home and use optimal drying speeds to minimize damage to your belongings.
  3. Cleaning. Our qualified technicians clean off all the water marks and stains left behind on your items. If there’s any mold or mildew, they’ll also get rid of it at this stage, and also apply treatments to stop any mold from growing in your home.
  4. Restore. Depending on how long and how much water cleanup needs to be done, we may have to reconstruct parts of your home. This can include carpets and flooring, shelving and cabinetry, and even drywall and thermal insulation.

Choose us for water restoration service

With 24/7 service and an unwavering to customer satisfaction, our water cleanup services won’t be beat! Call or contact us today!