Fire Restoration Services

Fire Restoration Services Seattle
Fire damage is always an emergency. ServiceMaster by ASI understands the stress and emotional impact this has on a family or business. We offer 24/7 fire restoration services in Seattle to immediately begin mitigating damage. From boarding up rooms that are exposed to outside elements to stopping the chemical reaction smoke, soot, and ash can have on specific materials, we begin putting your space back to normal.

Fire damage is usually accompanied by water damage. The firefighting effort causes damage of its own. Our team has expertise in water damage, drying, and mold mitigation as well as fire restoration services. We employ processes that address each type of damage, working to restore rather than replace the items in your home.

Our focus is on minimizing any further costs to the homeowner or business owner. That means conserving the furnishings, flooring, personal or business items, and other materials, rather than making expensive replacement purchases.

Our five-step fire damage process includes:

  • Emergency pre-cleaning
  • Cleaning items
  • Packing out items
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Odor control

Our fire restoration professionals keep an open dialogue with you throughout the process. We answer all of your questions and concerns, while keeping you well informed on our plan and where we are in the process.

Fire restoration is a multi-day process. We do daily checkins on the drying and water removal process and diligently clean and repair smoke and building damage. We are fast and efficient and work hard to get you back into a like-new space as soon as we can.

Trusted Fire Restoration Services in Seattle

Damage after a fire can continue due to the chemical reaction specific materials have with acidic smoke and soot. Our team is expertly trained in identifying materials and individually treating them to stop the reaction. We monitor materials at multiple stages to keep them safe from ongoing damage.

Our specialty care of materials includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Synthetic Materials

  • Brass
  • Marble
  • Wood

  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Granite

  • Fiber Upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Drapery

Fire Restoration Services Seattle WAServiceMaster is a nationally recognized name and a preferred fire restoration service for many insurance companies. We can often help with the claims process, making things run more quickly and smoothly. We also provide detailed documentation when an insurance company requires a damage report.

While we are nationally supported, we are also a locally-owned business. We are connected to our community, and we care about doing an excellent job for our friends and neighbors. We utilize the most up-to-date equipment, products, and procedures to ensure you get the best practices in the business.

Each member of our team undergoes extensive classroom and on-the-job training. New employees are supervised until they are experienced professionals. We make every effort to bring you the very best in fire restoration services. Fire is traumatic enough without adding on any worry about the restoration process. Leave it to a trusted, seasoned name in the business!

Call us as soon as the fire trucks pull away for fire restoration services in Seattle, and let the healing begin.