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Mold is a very serious health hazard and also wrecks havoc on building materials. It spread quickly and often in unseen spaces, such as under baseboards, beneath carpeting, and between walls. By the time you see or smell mold in your home or business, you may have a much larger problem than you can see. ServiceMaster by ASI offers mold remediation in Seattle by specially trained professionals. We have teams available 24/7 to treat and remove mold in residential and commercial buildings.

If you have had recent water damage to your home, mold is often an after-effect unless the area has specifically be treated to prevent its growth. Something as simple as an over-flowing toilet can create mold under flooring materials or in the drywall. It can happen quickly, and often goes undetected.

How does mold get into a home?

  • Condensation around windowsills
  • Leaking pipes
  • Flooding from a storm
  • Water seeping in from the basement
  • Internal roof leakage
  • Undetected leaks behind walls, appliances, toilets, or sinks
  • Overflowing toilet or tub

Professional Mold Remediation in Seattle

Getting rid of mold as soon as you find it is imperative. There are many respiratory infections and other health conditions that are attributed or made worse by the presence of mold. It is also important that mold removal be done responsibly, using the right safety equipment and the correct disposal methods. If not handled with care, mold spores can be spread during the removal process, creating a reoccurrence of more mold over time.

Our professionally-trained and well-equipped team uses the latest equipment and technology for mold remediation. We carefully and safely ensure that all mold is removed, materials are dried out, and no spores are spread. We treat contaminated spaces with proven products that will prevent any mold from returning.

Our basic mold remediation includes:

  1. Inspect and assess
  2. Report any observations to the appropriate insurance company for you
  3. Establish the pervasiveness of contamination; isolate the contaminated areas
  4. Create a procedure plan (further environmental testing, identifying the type(s) of mold and baseline levels, deliver a written plan for your approval)
  5. Remove mold, and implement protection against spore spread

Mold Remediation SeattleIf you have mold remediation as part of your homeowner’s insurance, we can offer a detailed report to assist with the claims processing. We are a preferred disaster restoration company for many national insurance carriers, so our services are often covered.

Since mold holds moisture in and speeds the deterioration of materials inside a home or business, it is important to quickly address the problem. As stated above, the problem often goes much deeper than can be seen on the surface. Our specialized equipment can identify mold, so we can find all the spaces where it is hiding. Our mold remediation treatment is comprehensive, so you can count on us getting rid of all of it. We clean, sanitize, and prevent the growth of mold.

Call today for mold remediation in Seattle and breathe easier knowing you’ve called the pros.