General Manager/Owner:

Jeff Sorenson, [email protected]

Director of Operations:

Melissa Culver, [email protected]


Josh Burnson, [email protected]

Sales Team:

Ernie Dittmann, Sales and Marketing Manager, [email protected]

Bev Mellon, Senior Account Executive, [email protected]

Senior Claims Processor:

Kim Beza, [email protected]

Administrative Support:

Nathan Link, Director of Administrative Support, [email protected]

Anthony Kelly-Glasoe, [email protected]

Briana Burnson, [email protected]

Bunky Janovich, [email protected]

Courtney Mareno, [email protected]

Emilie Michael, [email protected]

Sarah Weyand, [email protected]

Project Manager:

Beth Bailey, [email protected]

Charles Millro, [email protected]

John McDonough, [email protected]

Michelle Lowe, [email protected]

Tim Atkinson, [email protected]

Human Resources:

Janet Hughes, [email protected]