Water Damage

ServiceMaster by ASI has a team of water damage technicians who go through extensive training to evacuate water, identify materials, and create a process to dry items at the right pace to minimize damage. Our proven mold prevention treatment eliminates the secondary damage that mold often creates after water damage. Our water damage services in Seattle are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Call now, we have a team ready!

Preserve and Restore

Water Damage BellevueSome water damage services only focus on water evacuation and drying, without a good understanding of how to preserve specific types of materials. They get rid of excess water and dry items out, however, not every items should be dried in the same way. Our team has expertise in identifying the type of materials items are made of and developing a targeted treatment plan for drying and preserving them. Our water damage mitigation plan is unique to every home or business and will address what is needed for the preservation of each individual item and building material.

For us, the goal is always on preserving and saving items, rather than the more expensive replacement option.


Our 4-step water damage process includes:

  1. Emergency Response. We deliver fast, efficient, round the clock water damage services. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. From the time you call to the time we arrive and start the process generally takes only one to four hours.
  2. Water Removal and Drying. ServiceMaster has specialized equipment and products to quickly remove water and expedite the drying process. Each of our technicians has training and supervised experience. They understand how the process needs to be adjusted to help specific materials dry at the right rate to optimize preservation and minimize damage.
  3. Reinstallation and Cleaning. We clean items of water marks and staining, replacing them to their pre-damaged state. In this stage we also apply proven mold and mildew treatment that will eliminate the risk of mold setting in. All items are replaced to their right location, after flooring and other items are dried and treated.
  4. Restoration. If building materials are too damaged to be used, we can reconstruct them. We may replace drywall, carpeting, shelving, cabinetry, insulation, flooring, or other distorted materials to repair a room.

Water Damage BellevueProfessional Water Damage Control in Bellevue

We are a locally-owned, nationally supported company. We have a detailed understanding of the Bellevue climate and it’s impact on drying, while also utilizing the very best in technology, equipment, and products created specifically for ServiceMaster business owners. That means you get both the compassionate care of a locally-soured team and a proven water damage treatment process that has been improved on over many years and in thousands of homes and offices.

We also offer comprehensive disaster restoration services, so if the water damage was due to a fire, we handle both water and fire restoration.

Moisture Location and Mold Prevention

We us specially designed technology that can locate the smallest amount of moisture. The drying process can take a few days, and we test the entire affected area throughout the process. Our team waits until everything is completely dry before treating for mold. We use specially, patented mold prevention products that ensure you will not have mold or mildew set in as a result of water damage.

Call today and halt water damage in its tracks. We service Bellevue and the Greater Seattle Metro area.