Water Damage

Water Damage Renton

As a locally-owned, nationally supported business, ServiceMaster by ASI have access to techniques and technology that have been proven over many years and thousands of water damage restorations. Our team draws on extensive, ongoing training and the very best equipment and products available. We provide 24-hour services, 365 days a year, so we are ready whenever you experience water damage in Renton or the surrounding areas.

Whether you have large-scale water damage from pervasive storm flooding or you are are trying to prevent damage from an overflowed toilet, we have a team at the ready. We generally get to you within one to four hours from the time you call. We come fully prepared with the right equipment, products, and a specially-trained team for any size or type of water damage.


A Focus on Preserving and Restoring

Replacing items, rather than preserving them, costs home- and business-owners much more expense. Our focus in on preserving and restoring building materials, furnishing, and personal items in your home or office. Our dedicated and well-trained technicians identify what is needed to preserve each specific item and material. We adjust the drying and cleaning process according to what is best for each type of material.

Our 5-step water damage process includes:

  1. Emergency Response. Understanding that with water damage, every second counts, we arrive swiftly and immediately begin water evacuation upon arrival.
  2. Water Removal and Drying. Our experienced team members catalogue items and identifying what is required to best preserve them. We create a comprehensive water damage mitigation plan. Drying is a multi-day process and our team checks in each day to assess and manage the progression.
  3. Reinstallation and Cleaning. Again, we focus on restoration. Our team goes above and beyond by treating items for staining as well as implementing mold prevention.
  4. Restoration. Items that we are not able to save can often be reconstructed. From carpeting and drywall to cabinetry, we rebuild and reinstall items to put your home or business back to its pre-damaged state.

Superior Water Damage Mitigation in RentonWater Damage Renton WA

Our team compassionately communicates with home- and business-owners. We understand that while we have plenty of experience with water damage, this is usually a first-time experience for most people. We talk you through the process and help you understand what we are doing and what to expect throughout the process. We also provide detailed written instructions that let you know what you can do, and what you should not do, to help the process along. Customer care is as important to us as mitigating water damage.

Moisture Location and Mold Prevention

ServiceMaster has sensitive moisture locating technology. We are able to detect any areas that are not completely dry and treat them. In addition to making sure your home or office is dry, we also treat affected areas with proven mold prevention products. Mold is a major source of secondary damage the can set in after water damage. We completely eliminate that risk.

Call the moment any type of flooding has happens. We prevent water damage from spreading.